Hurray Murray Android App v0.2

Been pretty busy lately, had a bit more of a bash at the Hurray Murray App. Quick round up:

  • v0.2 is now available on the link on the left!
  • New features, slightly better layout, makes it usable when rotated, icon, clear/reset button, abort button not working, gonna take a bit of effort, but i’ll get there.
  • Installed the app on a friend’s HTC Tattoo and it works! Really could do with testing it on a few others but that can wait at the moment.
  • iPhone version looks like a no go at the moment, installed the iPhone SDK on my recent Snow Leopard installation, did some tuts, doesn’t appear to be a way to send a text from inside an app on the iPhone, but i’ll keep looking into it.
  • Signed up for the Blackberry Developer program, got the kit, another plug in for Eclipse, lovely, will get round to releasing a version for that when I get a bit of free time!

So for the time being feel free to look at the updated code and have a play with it and the app!